In exercise of the power conferred under clause (1)(g) of regulation 11 of the Mizoram Epidemic Diseases (Covid-19) Regulations, 2020, the Deputy Commissioner hereby requisitioned the premises Tourist Lodge, Khawzawl Lungvar as Covid Care Centre (CCCs) for isolation of Covid-19 suspected or positive persons who are clinically assigned as asymptomatic, very mild or mild cases with immediate effect and until further orders.


The concerned authorities are hereby directed to vacate and remove any unnecessary materials within the premises.


          The Superintendent of Police, Khawzawl District is requested to make security arrangement and detail Police personnel. 


        The Medical Superintendent, District Hospital, Khawzawl is requested to detail medical staff to attend to those quarantined. 





                                                                   Sd/- ZOTHANMAWIA 

                                                                   Deputy Commissioner



                                                                District Level Task Force on Covid-19                                                                                                    Khawzawl District, Khawzawl