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                  The AH & Veterinary Department Khawzawl was established in 1978 as State Veterinary Dispensary which was  upgraded to District Veterinary Hospital on March 2020.

                  The administrative setup till date is as undivided Champhai District headed by District Veterinary Officer, Champhai. The department at the centre is headed by Veterinary Officer.

The profiles of the department is as under:

  1. Department Officer and staff strength :  4 Nos 

      2. Name of Officer & staffs

                1) Dr. Phillip Lawmsangzuala 

                    Veterinary Officer

                    Ph No: 8974419631

               2) Johan  Lalfakawma

                    VFA (FOCUS)

                    Ph No : 9366403425 / 7628973501

               3) Lalnunzira

                   VFA (FOCUS)

                   Ph No: 9612255713 / 9366409719

               4) Lalremsanga 

                   IV Gd (MR)

                   Ph No : 6909913557


      3. Office Location : Hermon Veng , Khawzawl

      4. Department works 

          a) Veterinary Health Care of Livestock and companion animals.

          b) Yearly Routine Vaccinations of livestock and pets.

          c) Artificial insemination of Dairy cattle.


      5. Ongoing programmes 

          1) National Animal Disease Control Programme for FMD & Brucellosis (NADCP)

          2) Information Network for Animal Productivity & Health (INAPH)

          3) National Animal Disease Reporting System (NADRS)

          4) Fostering Climate Resilient upland Farming (FOCUS)