1. Department Officer & Staff strength :

                  (1) Group 'A'                           -            1Nos

                 (2) Group ‘B’                           -            1Nos

                 (3) Group ‘C’                           -            1Nos

                 (4) Provisional Employee       -             2Nos


2.Name of Officer & Staff with Designation and Phone Numbers:


Sl. No.Name of Officer & StaffDesignationMobile Number
1HmingthantluangiDistrict Sericulture Officer9436 199 947
2Ramhlimawmi HmarSericulture Extension Officer8415 894 619
3HT. ZothanmawiaSericulture Demonstrator9862 657 261
4ZamvelaProvisional Employee9862 850 835
5Kenneth HmingchungnungaProvisional Employee8974 742 611

3. Summary of Department works: Sericulture Department working on  rearing of different varieties of silk worm      like ; (1) Mulberry (2)ERI (3)  Muga   (4)  Tasar, among these, except Tasar silk worm are reared throughout of the year.

There are about 340Nos of family are involved in Khawzawl District under  IBSDP(Integrated Bivoltine Sericulture Development project) NERTPS for 3 yrs project 2015-2017, though,the project was end the supervision and handling of the beneficieries are still remain . Giving of new method of rearing  technique and uses of disinfectant, pruning of mulberry Etc.and spot visiting their mulberry plantation are continue.


4.Office Location & Address :  The Sericulture Promotion office Khawzawl Located at Electric Veng, Khawzawl