1.Department Officer & Staff Strength: The present disposition of 2ndI.R. Bn. are as follows:

2nd IR.pdf

2. Department Works &Achievement: The Department/Battalion performs the following works/duties throughout the year:

1)    LAW & ORDER DUTY: Law & Order duty and internal security duties in Khawzawl, Champhai and Saitual Districts.

2)    ANTI-NAXAL OPERATION: During 27th Sept.2006 to 26th Nov, 2008 the 2nd I.R. Bn. was deployed to perform Anti-Naxal Operations at Dantewada District of Chhatisgarh.

3)    BATTALION OUT POST (BOP):The Battalion is manning 4 (Four) BOPs viz. Khawlian, Suangpuilawn, N.E. Khawdungsei and Vanbawng which are located at inter-state boundary and border. To protect and safeguard the villagers and citizens of Mizoram against underground elements each post conduct regular patrolling and dominate their areas of operation.

4)    Police Stations: The Battalion also provides supporting staffs to Champhai P.S., Khawzawl P.S., Ngopa P.S., Saitual P.S., Zokhawthar P.S. and Dungtlang P.S.

5)    Static Guard: The Battalion provide Static Guards at SBI Champhai and District Court, Champhai to take necessary measures to safeguard of the Bank and Court.

6)    STATE DISASTER RESPONSE FORCE (SDRF):As per Training routine issued by State Disaster Rehabilitation Dept. and Police Headquarters, a total number of 120 personnel of 2nd IR Bn. had undergone Disaster training from 2nd IR Bn.withinand outside Mizoram. At present there are only 93 trained personnel available at 2nd IR Bn. excluding pensioners, deceased and transfer out.The trained personnel have been performing duties at Champhai PS and Dungtlang PS. The area of operation of the 2nd IR Bn. SDRF TeamcoverChamphai, Khawzawl and Saitual District.

7)    COVID-19 RELATED DUTIES: This Unit personnel perform Border sealing duty and COVID-19 related duties at various places in Champhai, Khawzawl, Saitual and Serchhip Districts.

8)    DAILY ACTIVITIES: The Battalion, on normal situation, regularly conduct Inspection Parade, P.T. Parade, Adjutant Parade, Arms Drill, Route March and Area Domination and Patrolling at the Battalion Headquarters and at the BOPs.

9)    WELFARE ACTIVITIES: The Battalion has good done commendable welfare activities like planting of trees and cleanliness work at Khawzawltown.The Battalion has donated charity fund to the poor and needy families at Khawzawl Town and in the BOPs/PS etc. especially during Christmas time.


4.  Office Location &Office Address:

Established on:  15th January 2001 to become the 5th Armed Bn. of Mizoram Police.

Headquarters:   Lungvar Veng, Khawzawl, Mizoram w.e.f.5th April 2005. Since its inception on 2001 till 2005, the Bn. was having its temporary Hqrs. at PHQ Complex, Aizawl. 


3. Photos: