DC : Deputy Commissioner

ADC : Additional Deputy Commissioner

SDO(s) : Sub- Divisional Officer (sadar)

SDC : Sub-Deputy Commissioner

DEO : Data Entry Operator

Supdt. : Superintendent

Asst. : Assistant

PA : Personal Assistant

UDC : Upper Division Clerk

LDC : Lower Division Clerk

PSO : Personal Security Officer

CALA : Competent Authority for Land Acquisition

DA : Dealing Assistant

AERO : Assistant Electoral Roll Officer

AMF : Assured Minimum Facilities

AC : Assembly Constituency

BLO : Booth Level Officer

CEO :Chief Electoral Officer

DEO : District Election Officer

ECI : Election commission of India

EEMS : Election Expenditure Management System

ERMS : Electoral Roll Management System

ERs : Electoral Rolls

ERO : Electoral Roll Officer

E-Roll : Electoral Roll

ETPBS : Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System

EPIC : Elector's Photo Identity Card

EVM : Electronic Voting machine

IVR : Interactive voice response

IIIDEM : India International Institute of Democracy & Election Management

NCC : National Call Centre

NRES : National Rollout of e-Services

NVSP : National Voter's Services Portal

NIC : National Informatics Centre

NISG : National Institute for Smart Government

PS : Polling Station

PC : Parliamentary Constituency

QR code : Quick Response Code

SVEEP : Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation

SSR : Special Summary Revision